Thursday, April 4, 2013

Banquet and Alumni Shout-out Edition

Year-End Banquet
At our year-end celebration last Friday, the teams gathered at the Faculty Club to enjoy a meal and take a look back at our wild season.  After receiving so much support from the parents at every match the season, it felt like ages since we had last seen them at the championships just one month before.  They have been so committed to the players all year long; traveling all winter, hosting massive team dinners and housing teammates during the holidays.  We are so thankful for their support!

Banners and trophies were presented for the women's national title, men's IVY title and second place finish and Amanda's second individual championship.  The men's IVY trophy, which was shared with Princeton, will reside with the Tigers for spring/summer months and come to Cambridge in August.

There were plenty of individual accomplishments to recognize as well.  Amanda Sobhy, Laura Gemmell and Haley Mendez were named All-IVY and First Team All-American and Michelle Gemmell was named Second Team All-American).

On the men's side, Brandon McLaughlin and Ali Farag were named All-IVY and Ali was named IVY Co-Player of the Year.

Natasha Anzik created a slide show that pulled heartstrings and drew lots of laughs.  It was a bittersweet occasion as we shared stories about this fantastic group of seniors.  We are definitely going to miss the class of 2013!

Charlie Cabot, JV Co-Captain, Winner of the Nicest Guy With Scariest Profile Picture Award
Alex Ma.  Look for his forthcoming music video entitled "Wait, are you filming this?" 

Shaw McKean, JV Co-Captain, Freshman Heartthrob
Jason Michas, Co-Captain.  He would get you off the island after making you do a ton of sprints.

Zeke Scherl, Men's Co-Captain, Intimidator-in-Chief
Eliza Calihan, AKA Slize
Laura Gemmell, Future OBGYN of the entire women's team
Vidya Rajan, AKA Viddy Cent
Natasha Kingshott. Co-Captain, Team Upholstery Negotiator
Sarah Mumanachit, Co-Captain. President, Marky Mark Fan Club

Check Out What Our Alumni Are Up To!
Louisa Hall '04 Publishes Novel

Congratulations to Luisa Hall ‘04.  She is a four-time First Team All-American, two-time Co-Captain and now, novelist!  Her first novel, The Carriage House, was recently published by Simon and Schuster.  Check out The Carriage House at or
Here on Amazon!  Here is an excerpt from her alumni profile from last year:

Personal: After moving to Texas, I started dating my next door neighbor, Ben, a filmmaker from Oklahoma, and we just got married in November.  My sister, Colby (also a Harvard Squash player), also married a Ben, and now they live down the street from me in Austin.  They're expecting their first baby in March.  

Post-College Squash Activities: After college, I moved to New York and played squash professionally for two years.  As a member of the US National Team, I travelled to India, Australia, El Salvador, Colombia, and Europe.  

Thoughts about Harvard Squash: I am so grateful for the experiences that Harvard Squash gave me.  In addition to introducing me to some of my closest, lifelong friends, it introduced me to a group of people from all over the world who both inspired and entertained me throughout my four years in college.  In addition, the focus and determination that Harvard Squash honed in me have helped me enormously in my professional life since college.  I'm looking forward to moving back east one day in the near future, so that I can come back to Harvard and cheer for new generations of Harvard squash.  

Will Ahmed '12 Innovates with Fitness Analytics

Working out of the Harvard Innovation Lab with a team of ten, Will is creating a line of lightweight bracelets that monitor heart rate and other metrics.  The data can be streamed wirelessly to an online community for athletes and coaches to receive feedback about intensity of workouts, fitness levels, and recovery needs.  Best of all, it's strap-free.  The name of the company is Bobo, and is inspired by the sound of the heartbeat (bobo-bobo).

Check out this article about his start-up in the Boston Globe.  Or take a gander at

Neal Tew 93' takes "The T"

Neal Tew '93 has overseen construction of a 5-court facility in Cincinnati, called "The T", where he also coaches an elite junior squash program, "The Queen City Spartans".

"The T" is leading the development of junior squash in the midwest and you can bet that top squash players will be coming out of Cincinnati in the next few years!

Check out The T's website!

You can also listen here to Neal's radio interview!

Hope Wins!

Congratulations to Hope Prockop '90, who did not drop a game on her way to winning Women's 35+ Nationals in Stamford, CT!

Look forward to our next edition where we introduce next year's captains!

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